How to: Turquoise Stone Nail Art


Hello lovelies,

This has been a design I have been meaning to try for some time now. It caught my eye the first time I saw it and still does to this day. This is my first time trying the water spotted technique, and I must say, I love it! First of all, sorry for the glare in the pic above and the pics to come. Unfortunately, I do not own a professional camera – all pictures were taken with my iPhone 5.

Let’s move on to how to create this look for yourself!

You should start by gathering/preparing the following items:

Base coat, top coat, turquoise nail polish, gold nail polish, black nail polish, saran wrap, paper towel, a plastic cup filled with room temperature water, hairspray, q-tips, and acetone.

Step one: Lay down your paper towel and paint your nails. Apply the base coat, then the turquoise polish. The polish I decided on is “For Audrey” by China Glaze. Let dry.

Step two: Scrunch up the piece of saran wrap and place a drop of the gold polish onto the paper towel. Dip the saran wrap into the polish and lightly dab onto your nails.

Step three: Place a drop of the black polish close to the water in the cup and let it spread. Using the hairspray, give it a quick spray. Depending on how much I spayed, I discovered there are two designs it will make. As shown in the collage below, the first picture is the drop of black polish, the second is when I sprayed too much (design on middle finger) and the third is when I sprayed less (design on ring finger). Both work well – all stones are one of a kind and this nail design should follow suit.


Step four: Slowly dip your nail into the water, making sure your nail is parallel to the water, then go all the way in. Using the q-tip, twirl it around in the water so it picks up the excess black nail polish.

Step five: Remove your finger from the water and take a new q-tip dipped in acetone to clean up the edges and around your finger.

Step six: Once the black polish is fully dry (I suggest waiting at least half an hour), you can seal your design with top coat!


Et Voila! People are going to be wondering how your nails turned into stone! #justkidding


I wanted to add my own extra flare to it, therefore, I decided to outline the nail in black. Let me know what you think? Should I have left it the way it was? (Comparison picture below)


To see more nail art designs of mine, check out my Instagram account here. Hopefully this tutorial helped you create some beautiful Turquoise Stone Nail Art. Don’t forget to tag me so I can see your lovely recreations!! (#thary_xoxo)

Ta-ta for now…




Fancy Franks

Hello lovelies!

How was your weekend? I had a great weekend, despite  my cold. I know what you’re thinking… who gets sick in the summer? This girl.

But I am a trooper! I didn’t let a common cold get the best of me, especially when the weather was fantastic! I even got out to a Blue Jay’s game on Saturday. The roof in the Rogers Centre was open, the sun was beaming in, couldn’t have asked for a better day. After the game, I ended up at a friend’s house for a BBQ. We all sat around with our bellies full after dinner, watching “You Gotta Eat Here”. Featured on the show was a place called “Fancy Franks” in Toronto. My mouth instantly watered. I didn’t waste any time and checked out their website to figure out which one I was going to try and decided on the “Southern Fancy”.

The following day, my husband and I took a dinner visit there to see what it was all about. Fancy Franks is a fast food joint that takes your ordinary hot dogs to a whole ‘nother level. They have an assortment of savory hot dogs topped with various ingredients to appease the belly. Here, you will find irregular flavours from a hot dog with peanut butter & jelly to a Korean inspired one with beef and kimchi. There is also the option to add other ingredients, some free, some are a little extra. You can choose to have your bun steamed or toasted.


The painted brick wall (pictured above) caught my eye before I even stepped foot in the joint. Once inside, there is a long, bench-like table in the middle with stool seats and a few seats along the wall with an outside view. There is a huge menu on the upper right hand side that can strain your neck, if stared at for too long. The cashier immediately mentioned that we can take one of their smaller menus sitting in front of the cash register for better viewing. Also, this way, we can sit down and decide without feeling rushed or disturbing the line.

My husband was debating between “Frankie goes to Buffalo” and “Southern Fancy” and asked which one was more popular. The cashier recommended he go with “Frankie goes to Buffalo” (pictured below). This consisted of a panko-breaded, fried weiner with celery and carrots, smothered in a blue cheese dressing and Buffalo wing sauce, topped with crispy fried chicken skin. Just take a look at all that goodness. My husband fell in love with this one. In his words, ” This is unreal. It’s like eating a chicken wing, but wayyyy better”. I am not a huge fan of blue cheese, so I opted out of this one. I considered coming back to try this with a different dressing (possibly ranch?), but my husband said the blue cheese dressing is what makes it. We shall see.


I, on the other hand, was certain of my pick before I came, but ended up seeing a hot dog I did not see on the site and it caught my eye. It was the first one on the menu called “FFGHD TX” (pictured below) which composed of “cajun spiced grilled onions, BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese and chipotle mayo”. When I inquired about it, the cashier said that it was their “most popular one”. Let me tell you, the toppings complimented each other so well. The onions gave it a nice sweet flavour with the perfect amount of kick from the cajun. The cheese helped tone down the spiciness a little, although, I like my foods spicy so next time, I may add jalapenos or hot sauce.


We ended our meal off with half a dozen mini donuts that are made fresh behind the counter. We got 3 with lemon curd and powdered sugar and 3 with nutella and crushed biscotti (pictured below). These were a real treat! Perfect way to end off a satisfying meal. We definitely thought the nutella was going to be the winner, but surprisingly, the lemon curd was our favourite.


All in all, I would definitely recommend this place. Our bill after everything mentioned, plus two fountain drinks, came to just under $25. A tad pricey for what you are ideally getting, but it’s delicious and the  service was awesome, so to me, it was well worth it. I would recommend checking out one of their two locations if you feel like trying something new! I, for sure, will be back! Visit for more information.